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Here’s to 30.

Hi, my name is Lauren. My age? Oh, I’m 30.

Hey, I’m Lauren. Yeah, I’m 30.

Hello there, it’s me, Lauren, I’m in my thirties.


When did this happen? I mean, obviously it happened today, but I’m having a really hard time grasping the idea that I am 30 now.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve felt like I was in my 30’s for a long time, probably since I was 25, but I still had that number to hold onto. I was still in my twenties. I was fun and carefree, or at least I could pretend to be.

Not anymore. Nope. Now I’m 30. And I didn’t realize that I would have such a hard time accepting it.

30 is just so, well it’s 30.

I have officially become an adult. There’s no turning back now. I can no longer blame my immaturity or dumb decisions on my age because being 30 means ‘you’ve been there, done that’ and there’s no more excuses.

Teenagers are sitting in school talking about people my age now. I have been separated. They think that I am so far away, Newsflash! I’m not. You’re not. 30 is just creeping around the corner and what people my age try to tell you is true. It will be there before you know it.

Before you know it, you will be waking up earlier each day. Eating your bran flakes while you catch up on today’s news. You will be budgeting and paying bills. You will feel as if time is moving at warp speeds. You will have 3 meals a day. Coffee becomes both your best friend and your enemy. If you have kids you will be answering all of their questions. They will ask you everything because being 30, you should know these things. You will find yourself appreciating the little things. You will grasp onto every minute that passes you by because now you truly have a sense of what time means exactly. You realize it won’t come back because in the blink of an eye, you’ve turned 30.

Don’t get me wrong. 30 feels good. 30 is where I should be. Because it’s at 30 that I get to spend the day with the two most amazing kids a girl could have. Not to discredit any of my other birthdays, but spending the day with them, well, that makes 30 just where I want to be.

Also, when you’re 30, you get to eat peanut butter cup ice cream for breakfast and there’s no one who can tell you not to.

So here’s to 30.