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What is Beautycounter?

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The Collection
Our fifteen essentials. The Face and Body Collections, as well as all three Lustro Face Oils, and Lustro Body Oil. Lustro Face Oils help promote soft and nourished-looking skin. Collection includes three different face oils: Lustro Face Oil 1 – Calendula, Lustro Face Oil 2 – Jasmine, and Lustro Face Oil 3 – Ylang Ylang & Wild Chamomile. Glow Sugar Scrub refreshes skin and the senses with a natural, cleansing exfoliant and a refreshing lemongrass scent. A few drops of rosemary-citrus scented oil can be applied directly to your skin, or mixed into Hydrate body lotion for a silkier finish. A safe and luxurious beauty experience.

Face Collection

The six products you need for your healthy daily skin care regimen. Routine Clean gently washes away impurities and makeup, morning and night. Rosewater Uplifting Spray refreshes skin. Depending upon your skin’s needs, follow with Every Day or Every Night creams. Use Any Time Eye Cream in the morning, at night, or throughout the day. Two or three times per week, replace Routine Clean with Gentle Exfoliator to reveal smooth, healthy-looking skin.

The Body Collection

The four products you need to keep hair and skin looking clean, healthy, and beautiful. Clean shampoo removes build-up. Rinse conditioner helps restore luster. Wash body wash gently cleanses skin without over-drying. Hydrate is a lightweight moisturizer perfect for everyday use. All products are lightly scented with notes of citrus that enliven the senses at any time of the day.

Lustro Face Oils

1. A luxurious blend of seven radiance-boosting oils—including organic argan nut, organic grapeseed, organic marula, meadowfoam seed, rosehip, rose otto and sea buckthorn—deeply nourishes skin with antioxidants and vitamins. This concentrated, yet lightweight elixir is easily absorbed, sinking into skin for lasting moisture (and making it the perfect primer for makeup). Calendula oil provides a warm, floral aroma, plus refreshing moisture that is excellent for sensitive skin.

2. A luxurious blend of seven radiance-boosting oils—including organic argan nut, organic grapeseed, organic marula, meadowfoam seed, rosehip, rose otto and sea buckthorn—deeply nourishes skin with antioxidants and vitamins. This concentrated, yet lightweight elixir is easily absorbed, sinking into skin for lasting moisture (and making it the perfect primer for makeup). Jasmine oil provides a sweet floral scent—plus it promotes the appearance of increased elasticity, and is excellent for dry or mature skin.

3. Liquid luminosity (with a touch of calming ylang ylang and wild chamomile). A luxurious blend of seven radiance-boosting oils—including organic argan nut, organic grapeseed, organic marula, meadowfoam seed, rosehip, rose otto and sea buckthorn—deeply nourishes skin with antioxidants and vitamins. This concentrated, yet lightweight elixir is easily absorbed, sinking into skin for lasting moisture (and making it the perfect primer for makeup). Ylang ylang oil provides a creamy, delicate aroma—plus it promotes more balanced looking skin. Wild chamomile soothes and improves the skin’s texture with a fresh herbal scent.


Beautycounter believes children deserve to be protected—which is why we’ve taken special care to create a bath collection that is pH-balanced and gentle on the skin (and smells yummy, too). Kidscounter Bath Collection includes Squeaky Clean Body Wash, Nice Do Shampoo, and Not a Knot Conditioner.

Protect All Over Sunscreen

This broad spectrum all over sunscreen works on your entire body (and is safe for use on your entire family, too). Formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, the lightweight, water-resistant formula sinks into skin without leaving white streaks or that tell-tale smell. PROTECT All Over’s non-nano UVA and UVB formula also includes aloe vera that hydrates skin and green tea and blood orange extracts that supply antioxidants. Wear PROTECT All Over Sunscreen from Monday to beach day, to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Protect Face Sunscreen

This broad spectrum face sunscreen with powerful UVA and UVB blockers is lightweight yet deeply moisturizing, so much so that PROTECT Face can be worn alone as an everyday moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid and safflower oleosomes supply and retain hydration, green tea and geranium extracts soothe, calm, and balance skin, while non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide safe, mineral protection from UVA and UVB rays. Wear PROTECT Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Face Sunscreen alone or under makeup to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Complete Lip Collection

Everything you need for beautifully healthy, happy lips. Includes each of our six universally-flattering Lip Sheer shades, plus Lip Shine (for a clear, healthy dose of lustrous sheen and a hint of vanilla planifolia).

Safer Because: Our Lip Sheers get their soft touch from plant-based ingredients such as jojoba esters, and their light fragrance from real vanilla — not from synthetic flavors, or ingredients that are linked to health harm.


Our scientifically-proven line, Countertime, revolves around deeply hydrating, nourishing, firming, and lifting formulas that effectively fight the signs of aging. All six products are composed of powerful, natural, and botanical ingredients.

Nourishing Cleansing Balm


Nourishing Cleansing Balm melts into your skin, while removing makeup, moisturizing as it cleanses. It can double as an overnight face masque for extra hydration. This comes with one cleansing cloth. Raspberry Seed Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil hydrate and revitalize the skin, while Vitamin C brightens skin tone.

Shave Shaving Cream

This shave cream is specifically formulated at a milder pH than traditional shaving creams to minimize irritation and ensure a clean, close shave for both men and women. Ingredients like witch hazel minimize irritation and razor burn while emollient and fatty acid-rich coconut oil and shea butter condition and smooth skin.

Shine Collection

Time to shine. What makes make-believe even more magical? A little play makeup, of course. At Beautycounter we believe in creative play — which is why our Kids Shine line is 100% safe and super-subtle (so it’s perfect for little ones). Includes a trio of kid-appropriate products sure to make dress-up time even more fun:

Shine Bright Lippy Gloss: A good-for-her gloss that lets her smile shine through.

Stellar Shine Nail Polish: A pop of glittery polish for itty-bitty fingers and toes.

Pearly Powder: A barely-there, shimmery, glimmery finishing touch.

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Who knew safe, could be so beautiful?



I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve done ‘Friday Favorites’, my apologies. If you know anyone or anything that you think should be featured let me know! Email me, Facebook me, Twitter me? (That last one sounds weird!)

Anyways, today I wanted to share with you something new that I am doing and much deserving of a ‘Friday Favorite’. I thought that I could come on here and just talk about what it is and who it is, but I thought that I should tell you my story. I wanted to share why I made this choice. Why I knew I needed to join this movement.

To be honest with you, it all happened kind of quickly. I had a friend who was very passionate about Beautycounter. She talked about it all the time, but I never really saw myself doing that ‘whole thing’, you know, working from home, trying to be a salesperson, (because I’m not. At all.) I just couldn’t see myself doing this, and trying to make a living off of it. It just wasn’t for me.

I was content already with my busy life. I had my own small business that was really starting to grow and demanded a lot of my time. I had just started working with my church and being in charge of Communications in The Women’s Ministry.  Not to mention my full-time job of being a mother to Jaxsyn and Adelaide. I mean, who was I kidding, I didn’t have the time to devote to something else. And especially something like, selling beauty products.

But then I received a call. I guess I could say now that it was a call that would change my life. I listened to a very nice, very personable lady describe all of her success doing this sort of thing. She had made a lot of money. She was passionate about her career choice. She was pretty inspiring. However, she was not from Beautycounter.

I had thought about what it would mean to sell Beautycounter. At first, I thought about doing it just for myself. Getting a little product for me was worth it. I wouldn’t make this a career, but I would make it a sort of ‘coupon’ way to buy what I wanted.

So then I started doing a little research. Now I know when people think of the word ‘research’ they think of some long, drawn out process, but that wasn’t the case at all. Just a little ‘googling’ and I learned all that I needed to know.

We have been deceived. Companies have broken our trust because of what they put into their products. As a culture, especially recently, we have noticed the trend of worrying about what goes in our food. We have been told over and over that what we eat is just ‘food-like product’, and while that is true, I’m afraid that we have been distracted by this idea that we have neglected to think about what we put on our bodies. 

And so I texted my friend, that night, and told her that I was going to make the commitment. She was thrilled. I ordered my starter kit and I was in, er, business.

I hesitate when I use that word, business. Not because what I do is not a business, but because it’s more than that. This is a movement. This is women standing up for themselves and saying ‘enough is enough’. And that is something that I will always have time for.

For more information or if you have any questions please make sure to follow me on Facebook: Lauren’s Beautycounter and visit my website

Let me help you become a part of the movement. Because we deserve better.


He’s Been Trying to get Your Attention

There’s a blog circulating around on my Facebook page titled ‘God will give you more than you can handle: I guarantee it.’ It is by the author of Let me just say, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

This piece is perfect and it is exactly what I needed to read.

I was always the one telling people that God knew how much they could handle and that He wouldn’t give them more than they could handle, and until I read this piece I believed that. I mean, after all, our God loves us, so it was hard for me to believe that He would just sit back and watch us suffer, to the point of breaking, but then I read this piece and I realized I had been very wrong.

You see, God isn’t sitting back watching us suffer. He’s patiently waiting for us. All. Of. The. Time. Just waiting. I know my history with patience, and it’s never been a good one, so could you imagine, just sitting back watching your creation do all of it so wrong, just waiting for them to turn to you.

So this is why this piece spoke so clearly to me. As I’ve mentioned before a huge struggle for me in my walk with Jesus is giving up control. I really, really, really don’t want to give up control. I know that I could never handle anything like God and I know that it really is in God’s hands, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try to figure it out myself. So if the author is wrong (I don’t think so) then wouldn’t God giving us just as much as we can handle be playing into our own desire for control?

As I approach the 1 year anniversary of moving to Texas I really appreciate this piece because it makes everything clear. I’ve mentioned my struggles with the move, I’ve mentioned my feelings of loss, and hate, and sadness. But when I read this piece I experienced a new feeling. I experienced love.

I experienced love because I knew that God gave me more than I could handle when He moved us to Texas. How do I know this? Because I finally turned to Him and I admitted to myself that I needed Him in order to survive this chapter of my life. For those of you who struggle with control you know how hard it is to admit to yourself that you need someone else.

If I didn’t know how loving my God was, then I would struggle with the idea that He opened these doors out of love, but He had been patiently waiting for me, and He had given me ample opportunities before to surrender, but I wouldn’t. I needed something drastic and He knew that and, well, here we are.

And I’ve survived. Let me fix that sentence, I have survived only by the grace of God. He has been with me from the beginning. He has walked beside, walked behind, walked in front of me, but most of the time He carried me.

He gave me more than I could handle because He knew that was how He could get my attention. His timing was perfect. He gave me more than I could handle so that I would finally and completely turn to Him.

And He did all of this for me. Because He made me in His image. Because I am important to Him. Because He can use me. He did all of this for me because He loves me.

I don’t deserve it. Let’s be real honest, none of us deserve what God gives us. Even when we think that He has turned His back on us, and forgotten us. Even when we think our plate is too full. We don’t even deserve to be forgotten (even though He never forgets). My point is this, maybe It feels like He’s given us too much. Or maybe it feels like He’s nowhere to be found. Whatever the case may be, we just need to remember that He’s always there. He’s there, just waiting for us to need Him like He needs us. Wrap your head around that for a minute. Like He needs us.

So, friends, let me be the first to encourage you to watch your plate get full, feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, get ready to give up, but then remember He’s right there and then give it to Him. All of it. But most importantly, give yourself to Him. I mean, after all, He’s been trying to get your attention.

Time to Move On

I’m not sure what I expected when I made the move to Texas, as i approach the anniversary of the day that I knew I was moving, I can’t help but reflect on what’s happened this past year.

We all make promises to keep in touch. We are all guilty of it, and I believe our intentions are good. I believe that we absolutely mean that we will do our best to keep in touch, but then life happens, and keeping in touch isn’t as easy as we made it sound.

Yes, I have Facebook, and I am thankful I do because I am able to still kind of ‘peek’ into the lives of the ones I left, and I do my best to keep my Facebook updated so they can see what we’ve been up to, but if I can be honest, sometimes I don’t want to see. Sometimes I sit here with my feelings hurt because I know that things have changed, and I feel replaced.

You see, a few months ago, I still held on to the idea that I would go back home eventually. I didn’t believe for a second that Texas was it. That this was where my kids would grow up. I’m still not sure that they will grow up here, but I just don’t know that we will ever go back to NC. And so now, as I watch the change take place, it makes me sad.

It makes me sad knowing that it won’t ever be the same. It makes me sad knowing that people may be forgetting who I am or who my family is. It makes me sad seeing other people doing the things that I used to do.

And even if, and that’s a big ‘if’, even if we did go back to North Carolina, it wouldn’t be as we left it. Things have changed. People have changed. Everything has changed.

But we need change, right?

I can’t help but to think that I would have been content with my life the way it was. We didn’t have a lot, but we were happy. We had the things that mattered. And I know that we’re still new to Texas and I never expected to make the kind of friendships I left behind, quickly, and the truth is, I’m starting to make friends, and I’m starting to make good friends, maybe even great friends, but the more I do, the more distant I feel from the life I left behind just 10 months ago.

I know I could pick up the phone. I know that I could make more of an effort, but it makes me sad. It makes me sad having to say goodbye. It makes me sad listening to all the things that I’ve missed, and it makes me sad knowing that those phone calls won’t change anything. I’ll still be here and they will still be there.

And so I avoid. We avoid. We don’t talk about home as much as we used to. We don’t talk about going back as much as we used to. In fact, It seems that me and Justin are both on the same page, and North Carolina just isn’t.

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide.

Often times I have talked about struggle. For whatever reason, I thought that it would get easier, the more I believed. I believed that if my faith was strong enough that I could take on the world, and in a sense I can, but sometimes, and by sometimes, I mean, most of the time, I really just feel like hauling off and smacking people upside the head! They make me so angry. So, very, very, very, very angry.

I had participated in a conversation on a Facebook post and boy, was it a conversation. There were over 300 comments last I checked, and it wore me out.

I was strong enough to pull through, because there were times, lots of times, when I tried to just walk away, but I just couldn’t let them think that they had ‘won’. I mean, I was defending my God, my Lord, after all.

But their condescending remarks started to get to me. They couldn’t understand why I believed wives should submit to their husbands, they couldn’t understand why I would give God credit for the good in my life, but not blame Him for the bad. They kept coming and coming with their harsh words and LOL’s, and I kept my cool, but on the other side of the computer I was livid.

For a group that promoted openness and acceptance, I felt anything but accepted. Sure, there were no personal attacks. I mean, there were, but only a few of us picked up on it, and for most of the conversation, it was pleasant, but some of the things that came out of their mouths (or hands) I just sat and stared. I was blown away by their ignorance.

And I left last night tired and worn out. I was tired of defending myself. I was tired of responding to their double edge swords. And so I came home last night, and I prayed.

I went to bed afterwards. Still tired and drained. I knew God had heard my prayer, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next and so I went to sleep.

This morning, I woke up way too early. I am still sleepy and I’m hoping there’s a nap in my near future. (I was so tired, that I actually brewed an entire pot of sugar, yep, true story.) But I woke up spiritually refreshed. I knew that He was proud of me. I knew that He thought I did a darn good job of telling people about Him, and I knew that He was with me the whole time.

I know that there won’t be any knocks at my door to learn more. (They made that known) And I know that when they asked, they weren’t really interested in the answers, they just wanted to see why myself and a few others could be so weird, I get that, but what they don’t realize is that God has been revealed to them. God has shown himself. It might not have been the grand spectacle that they wanted, but He was there and now they’ve been introduced or re-introduced. (BAM!)

Just another reason why our God is so awesome. Even when people least expect Him, even when we don’t think He is close, He’s always there, just as He promised. And I’m sure He got quite the chuckle from my pot of sugar water.


Peace. Love. And Jesus.

First, let me begin by saying this post is not meant to hurt, upset, criticize, or call anyone out. Those are not my intentions. I am just confused and a little bit upset, but it is only my opinion so to my good friends who read this and think “Is she talking about me?” I might be, but again there are no ill-intentions here, I promise.

I am a Facebook junkie. There, I admitted it. I check Facebook on and off throughout the day. I love it. Thankfully, if I learn to keep my political rants to a minimum I don’t have much drama like some others have. I enjoy scrolling through and seeing what everyone is up to. I enjoy keeping up with my friends and my extended family. I also like having support at my fingertips for breastfeeding, or attachment parenting, or other parental issues I may be having.

Some of my favorite things to see are what’s going on in people’s lives. Many of my friends, myself included, often ask for prayers when they will be going through something. And most people offer their prayers to them, but more often than not, I see something along the lines of “happy thoughts, good vibes, positive vibes”. I’m sorry, what??

I believe in the power of prayer. I know it works because it’s the only explanation out there for my life. I also know it works for people who aren’t believers who I’ve prayed for because doors have opened up for them too. You want proof? Just ask people who believe in prayer. But trust me, It wasn’t positive vibes or happy thoughts.

Okay, I know I probably just stepped on a whole bunch of toes, but I just don’t get it.

So here’s what I know. I know when I pray, I talk to God. I lay out my problem or my hope, or I just have a conversation with Him. I’m talking to Him. It’s just me and Him. I might not be able to hear Him talk back, but I know He’s listening and I know that He already knows what’s going to happen. Sometimes what I want happens, other times, more often than not, I find that my plan wasn’t really what was best for me. Thank God I have a God who knows way more than I do in those situations! But here’s where I get confused about positive vibes or happy thoughts. Who are you talking to? How do you send positive vibes or happy thoughts because when I imagine what I would do if I were sending out positive vibes or happy thoughts it goes something like this: “Please, let Sue get that job. She deserves it so much and I know just how happy she would be, please, please, please.” Now if I’m praying it would go like this: “Dear Lord, please let Sue get that job. She deserves it so much and I know just how happy she would be, please. Amen”. I mean, just a few more words and it’s the same request, scratch that, it’s the same prayer.

I don’t want to shove my religion down your throat, I mean, I do, but I won’t, because I know how that feels on the receiving end and it’s not fun. I know it’s hard to believe that someone, God, could have all this power and had done/do all these things. I know that. I even have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. But what I can tell you is that it isn’t about having all of the answers and knowing for certain because we don’t have all of the answers and I’m not sure that we ever will, but it’s just about faith. That’s it, just faith.

Maybe some people think that I’m crazy because I have faith. I get it, it sounds insane. But maybe I think some people are crazy because they send out positive vibes. :) You know what I think? And I’m only saying this from experience, I think that people don’t want to believe because A) It’s not fun B) You’re held accountable for all the crappy things you do in your life, C) People who should be leading you by example have strayed and made the religion/relationship with God all about themselves, therefore giving all of us a bad reputation and D) we are not a society that enjoys answering to someone else when clearly we know it all and we know better than anyone else. Am I right?? I’m not sure many people will admit I am right because it’s hard to admit, trust me, I know.

I know because I’ve been there. I still go there sometimes. I went there last week. I had a really hard week last week, nothing bad happened, but i just didn’t want to believe. I didn’t want accountability. I didn’t want to give up my control last week, but you know what? I was miserable. I was angry. I was stressed. Do I think God made me suffer because I was doubting our relationship? No way. He’s not like that. I suffered because I am human and that’s what happens when a human tries to take on the weight of the world.

My point is this, if positive vibes and happy thoughts are that similar to prayers, then what’s holding you back? I am probably the last person you should talk about religion with because often I sound like a stuttering, blubbering idiot, who fumbles on every word that falls out of her clumsy mouth. I don’t know much about the Bible. And I don’t have the facts down, but I’m as real as it gets. i still struggle. I still fall down. I don’t think I’m better than any of you. So talk to me, explain it to me. I want to know what it’s all about.

Oh and just so you know, Christians don’t have anything against positive vibes or happy thoughts, we just call it prayers. You say Toe-mah-toe, I say Toe-may-toe. :)

Jade Made Creations


I love unique things. I love creative people. I love unique things made by creative people! And so when I saw my friend talking about her new wrap scrap headband I immediately had to find out what this ‘wrap scrap’ was, who made it, and where I could get some!


That’s how I stumbled onto Jade Made Creations. Jade Chiu is a 27 year old, natural living and attachment parenting mama to Zoey, her two year old daughter. Married to Sam, her husband, for four years, Jade Made Creations started when Jade became a stay-at-home-mama. Like most of us SAHM’s she wanted to buy things that she and her husband couldn’t really afford and so she decided to make some of the items herself!

A few months passed and Jade’s friends started asking her to make them things too and soon she realized that she may have come up with something. With the encouragement from her friends and family she branched out and started Jade Made Creations.

Jade Made Creations features Eco-friendly, up-cycled wrap scrap  accessories and creations. Jade’s favorite item to make? “Probably necklaces,” she said.


And that’s exactly what I made sure to order from Jade! “They are great for teething babies to chomp on, for breastfeeding or bottle feeding babies to fiddle with while eating and for babywearing babies to play with instead of pulling their parents hair.”

And Adelaide knows a thing or two about pulling hair and recently she’s learned to pinch boobies while she eats, so when I learned I could get something that would prevent that from happening that was reason enough for me!

And I am so happy I did because Adelaide has fallen in love with this necklace. She isn’t pinching or pulling anymore, well that’s a lie, she is, but now she’s pinching and pulling our necklace!

photo 2(2)

Jade has so much more than just necklaces. Make sure to check out her entire line which also includes headbands, bracelets, wristlets, door latch covers, sleep masks, wet bags, snack and sandwich bags, key fobs, buttons, earrings, hair pins, lovies, EC belts and more!


Jade Made Creations are not only practical, they are also gorgeous and unique! And Jade’s prices aren’t going to empty out your pockets either.

Interested in getting your hands on your very own Jade Made Creations?? Sweet! Just check out Jade Made Creations on Facebook! Or Instagram: Jadeyeonghee.

photo 1(4)

Also, to my friends in NC be sure to check out Jade and Jade Made Creations at the Baby Belly Bazaar, Saturday, November 9 from 10am-2pm. Details are below!


What’s so offensive about me anyways?!

A few weeks ago someone in one of my Facebook groups asked a question about how to deal with their marriage and their husband. There were suggestions about leaving him because she could do better. There was the suggestion to ignore him, to call him out on every insecurity he has, and then there was my suggestion: pray. Whoopsies.

I was immediately accused of “pushing my religion” onto people. It seemed that they (the responders) and the lady who posed the initial question had all forgotten about the husband because suddenly I was their focus. Not only did we stop talking about her marriage and what she could do to make it better, but suddenly I had created a theology argument and a PC stance against prayer.

I wasn’t prepared to argue or make a case. I was simply suggesting something that works for me and my marriage. I certainly wasn’t trying to offend anyone, but here I was being attacked. I was called names, I was threatened. All because I suggested praying.

So it got me to thinking. Why is praying so offensive? And apparently it’s offensive in all accounts: praying for you or telling you to pray. Even when I didn’t know what I believed I never got offended by someone praying for me. I never thought to myself “Wow, what a jerk! The nerve! To pray for me!” Nope, never. Most of the time I just shrugged it off, but now, it seems that everything about Christians is offensive. Why?

I tried to think back to my first impression of Christians and suddenly, I had my answer. Now in order to explain, I’m going to have to change the word Christian, to Sunday Morning Christian, or SMC, because, you see, Christians, like real, actual Christians, they aren’t offensive, but SMC’s? That’s a different story.

Sunday Morning Christians are not really Christians at all. Hence their name, they go to church bright and early Sunday mornings. They do their time (usually no more than an hour) and they leave. The rest of the week, and even day, are no different. Christ has no bearing on their life, well, except when they want to pretend they’re better than everyone else and even then they only throw Christ into the face of others in order to hurt them and/or make them feel inferior. I can say this because I was this, well except for trying to make people feel bad. I went to church for an hour and pretended to be a Christian. And then I told people that I was a Christian, and to be honest, I couldn’t have told anyone the smallest amount of information about Jesus and what it meant to be a Christian, not to mention my life didn’t resemble that of a Christian. I was a fake, a phony, a fraud and here I was the poster child for Christians, alongside the rest of the church, well most of them.

So I get it. I know why I may seem offensive. I am sorry to each of you who has had to deal with a SMC. I am sorry that they have done such a lousy job showing you what a real Christian look likes. You see, a real Christian, looks just like you. I’m not better or worse, I’m just me. I do not think I am any better than you as a person, it is my job to tell you about Christ and to show you what a life with Christ looks like, I am not to judge you. I am not to make you feel bad or inferior to me. Jesus shouldn’t hurt you because of me. Following Christ isn’t for the elite. It isn’t so people can say “look at me! Look at me!”. I don’t know who’s going to heaven or who’s going to hell. And so I’m sorry that SMC pretend they do. When I suggest praying or suggest that I pray for you it isn’t to make you feel stupid, it is only because I’ve seen prayer work and I know the power of prayer. I don’t want to keep Jesus from you like SMC, but I want to tell you all about Him because He really is that awesome.

I want to tell you about Him because I was in the same position you were. “Life without Christ is merely existence.” I know this is true because I’ve experienced it. The truth is God loves each of us. Not some of us. Not most of us. ALL. OF. US. And Sin is sin. For you SMC listen up! SIN IS SIN. There is no ranking system for sin. Where am I going with this? To the ones who have been told that you don’t deserve Christ, that’s a lie. We all deserve Christ. SMC do a heck of a job telling people that they can’t know God because of choices they make, will make, or have made. Truth is, they have no idea. You see, I am starting to realize how big God is, and He is huge! He is everything. And so I don’t pretend like I know what He is thinking or what He has in mind because I could never comprehend, or understand. Ever. All I know is that Jesus is love. And He tells us to love each other. He doesn’t say love some, or just those over there, He said everyone. More specifically He said to love everyone as He has loved us.

And so I’m sorry that the SMC never showed you that side. I’m sorry they tried to hurt you and offend you while using Jesus as their weapon. Jesus should never be a weapon.

Now I could sit here and go on and on about what SMC should do, but it’s more than that. It’s what we real Christians should do. And so I’m not going to stop praying for you. I’m not going to keep my mouth shut around you. I’m going to talk about Jesus. I’m going to talk about my life. I’m going to show you what He is capable of by being honest with you. I’m going to do these things everyday, not just on Sundays.

Maybe you’ll still think it’s offensive, maybe you won’t, but if I can make you see what a life with Christ looks like, then I’m going to do just that, not because I just want to talk about myself, but because you deserve a chance at knowing what it really looks like to be a Christian.