Little Changes

We have picked our latest book club selection, Little Changes by Kristi Marsh. Please RSVP for this event, which will take place on January 12th at 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST.


Little Changes is a succulent swirling lollipop of lessons about the products we smother on our skin, foods we devour, and surroundings in which we immerse ourselves. A gut-wrenching roller coaster of emotions, her adventure involves a Western Grebe, farm stand spinach, a meaty love story, a rock in Wyoming, and some pioneers—which eventually captured national attention.

With a cup of humor, a smidgeon of sarcasm, and a wallop of mainstream motherhood, Little Changes enlightens readers about the simmering, swelling, epic transformation of our generation; becoming self-advocates for their own environmental health.

Diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at age thirty-six and with three young children at home, Kristi started on a quest to eliminate harmful chemicals from her life and environment. Now a proponent for environmental health, Kristi’s passion is to share her knowledge and journey with others. “So many people are reluctant to make changes in their lives because they think it’s going to be expensive or time consuming. But making little changes over time in the products we smother on our skin, foods we devour, and surroundings we immerse ourselves, doesn’t have to be difficult.” Kristi’s dynamic message empowers her audiences to choose wiser products with kinder, simpler ingredients, giving themselves the gift of the best life possible.

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An Opportunity to Renew

“You know, a lot of companies these days create a product and then tack a social justice or philanthropic mission onto it because it’s the trendy thing to do right now. I think it’s pretty awesome that with your company, the product IS the mission. What you’re selling is itself an opportunity to renew- and hopefully change- something that has been wrong for a lot of years.”

- Client in Chapel Hill, NC

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love My Job?!

Today I got to spend the morning sipping on Mimosas and Coffee while sharing a wealth of information with some new ladies and introducing them to Beautycounter.

Oh and did I mention that I got paid too!

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Ground Floor

What do a former lawyer, RN and corporate businesswoman have in common? Well not only are they moms (7 between the 3 of them), wives, but they are also 6 figure earners with Beautycounter and teammates of mine! They are all a huge inspiration to me and I would love to invite you to hear their story and see if you can relate. Join us while our company is completely ground floor and help us to pave the way with this growing company!

Gift Sets

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