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The Screen

It’s been 76 years since the federal government passed a law in the U.S. regulating the ingredients used in cosmetic and personal care products. A lot has changed since then.

While the EU has banned or restricted more than 1,300 harmful and toxic chemicals from personal care products, the US bans or restricts just 11. At Beautycounter, there are 1,500 ingredients we will never use. Every ingredient in our products has a function; nothing is used without careful consideration for efficacy and performance. No unwanted extras, no dyes, no mysteries. Just ingredients with purpose.

The essential ingredients are put through The Screen, our proprietary ingredient evaluation process, which is the strictest in the industry. Our method includes considering safety criteria like skin irritation, carcinogenicity, and reproductive toxicity, as well as any information regarding cumulative exposure (are we exposed to this chemical from other sources?) and bioaccumulation (will it build up in our bodies over time?). We also consider environmental impact, and work to avoid ingredients that negatively impact the ecosystem.

If the ingredient passes The Screen, we believe it is safe to put in our products and onto your skin.


In My Bag

(Trash and gum wrappers not included.)

I’ve got my ipad. I am always working and/or ready to work. My keys. My Peppermint Lip Balm, Currant Lip Sheer, and Lip Shine because I’m obsessed with my lips and feeling pretty. I’ve got my Hydrate body lotion and my Rosemary & Citrus Lustro Oil so I always have perfect skin, even when I’m out and about. And I also have my Protect Face so I don’t have to worry about aging skin and wrinkles! Finally, I have my little notebook, perfect for getting contact information from everyone I meet!

Tell me, what’s in your bag?!

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lipstick

If you wear lipstick, Chapstick, lip balm, anything, you should watch this.

I had no clue that something as small and simple as lipstick could be this dangerous. And I’m sure all of you know SOMEONE who wears lipstick.

There is no more settling or compromising. Wear lipstick, but choose safety. Beautycounter Lip Sheers are perfect. They come in a variety of colors, perfect for everyone, they taste yummy, and you don’t have to worry about them making you sick.

Let me help you make better choices. Because you matter.




Y’all! Do you see what I see? This is amazing!

This is after using our Essential Face Collection and the Lustro Face Oil 3. She is an esthetician and had her hands on all kinds of ‘professional’ products, but said none worked the way Beautycounter did!

It’s an amazing transformation and an amazing testimony to the products that I am proud to represent!

By the way, in her after picture, she’s not wearing foundation!

Pretty awesome, huh?

Have any questions? Email me at Lefalber@gmail.com and make sure to visit my Beautycounter Website to find out what you should purchase!

You really can have it all.

I have a hard time understanding why people are okay with using products that contain toxins and harmful chemicals. Actually, it infuriates me. I find it ridiculous that we are even being exposed to these toxins. What is the point?

Yes, I understand that sometimes passion can come off as kind of crazy, but seriously, y’all. This is a big deal. And I’m not quite sure that most people get it.

When you begin to research and look into everything you use,  you realize that nothing is actually safe. The food we eat is contimated. I mean, if you can even call it food. Flouride has been labeled as a neurotoxin. And then the products that we slap and lather all over our skin are filled with carcinogens, cancer causing chemicals, nanoparticles, chemicals that lower sperm count, chemicals that interrupt our hormones, chemicals that make people sick. Not a cold, sick, dying, no chance at life. This isn’t anything to take lightly. And to be honest, I used to say that I wasn’t trying to scare people, but the thing is, you should be scared.

I believe our problem begins because we think our government is here to protect us, well, I don’t buy that anymore. I used to. I still believe we live in the greatest country in the world, but that just means that everywhere else is worse.

Did you know that the European Union bans 1,300 of these harmful chemicals from their products. The United States bans 11. The last time that the personal care/beauty industry had a new law regulating this industry? 1938.

If that doesn’t make you mad, it should. There is no reason for these statistics to be true. Think about how much has changed since 1938. The cost of living, minimum wage, the car, the internet, medical care. Why are we still being regulated by laws that are so outdated?

These companies can get away with anything because there is so few regulations. They can take advantage of us and our mindset and throw words like “natural” or “fresh” or “safe” and really, they are just words. They don’t mean anything. Not to the companies, no, but to us, they mean money because we try so very hard to do better and make better choices. I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased something with the word “natural” on it over something that didn’t have the word thinking I was making a better decision.

Once you start diving head first into this information it can be overwhelming and it can be scary, and it should be. You should be scared. Did you know that our children’s generation is the first generation to live sicker and die younger than the generation before. Parents, this means that your kids may not outlive you. Can you imagine watching your child die? Can you imagine watching your child die knowing that it was because of the environment they have been exposed to?

This isn’t about beauty products and it’s certainly not about money. It’s about me knowing better and telling everyone I can because I don’t just deserve better, my children don’t just deserve better, we all deserve better.

Don’t believe me, look into it. Look into the facts. Learn about fluoride making you dumber. Ask yourself why there are parabens in your shampoo and in breast cancer tumors. Utilize organizations such as the EWG (Environmental Working Group) and let them help you start making better choices.

This is what I can tell you. Of course there has always been illness and death, but I truly believe that most of the sickness that we are exposing ourselves too is environmental. Fact: 1 in 2 Men and 1 in 3 Women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Do you seriously believe that genetics has changed that much over the last 50 years? No way! Once again, it’s what we expose ourselves too. It’s the food we eat and the products we use. Even your shower curtain can make you sick. It’s everywhere.

Why is there a sudden, almost epidemic like, growth of Autism, ADHD, Asthma? Again, do you honestly believe that it just happened one day? I don’t. But we can’t fix what we don’t know. We have to look out for ourselves. We can’t assume that someone else will take care of us because they won’t. They don’t.

I believe that we were created just the way we needed to be. We aren’t born with illness or disease. Even if a child is diagnosed at a young age with something terrible it’s not because they were made that way, we now know that there are over 200 harmful chemicals found in a newborn’s cord blood, You want to know why? My guess is the products that pregnant women slather all over themselves that are marketed to be safe probably aren’t as safe as they claim.

Seriously, start thinking about this. This isn’t a trend. This is your life we are talking about.

We aren’t sitting here making allegations. This real. This is what it looks like to live these days. Help get the word out. Help Beautycounter by supporting me and help us take this all the way to Washington. We deserve better. Not some of us. Not the ones who can afford it, but ALL OF US.

Beautycounter has an amazing team. They know what they are doing. Our team has personally been affected by these environmental caused illnesses and they are putting their foot down and demanding better.

Of course, we at Beautycounter would love it if people only used and purchased Beautycounter, but we realize that’s never going to happen. But what we want is to spark change. We want our children to be able to go into any store whether it’s a high end retailer like Nordstrom’s or the CVS on the corner and we want our children not to have to worry about the products they are buying because every ingredient will be listed and every company will soon adhere to our standards.

We do more than any other company out there. We take a step further. Not only do we ban the 1,300 harmful chemicals that the European Union bans, and not only to we ban the 11 that the US bans, but we have even more ingredients that we have put on our ‘Never List’ and so Beautycounter actually bans over 1,500 of these nasty toxins. We believe we have the strictest ingredient selection process in the industry and our products deliver the results you are looking for. For so long, women have been asked to choose between safety and beauty, not anymore. You really can have it all.

If you would like more information about Beautycounter or if you have any questions, I would love to talk. Feel free to email me at Lefalber@gmail.com. Let me help you make better choices!

Also, be sure to visit my website http://www.laurenfalber.beautycounter.com and let me know what I can get you started with!

Beautycounter Book Club

“Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith, authors of Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health, know a thing or two about harmful chemicals in our bodies. They are often asked the question “How do I get this stuff out of me?” They explored this in their new book, Toxin Toxout, and found that it is not always as simple as we’d like, but there are solutions to this toxic mess we’re in. In Toxin Toxout, the authors use real-life experiments (including exposure to toxic cosmetics ingredients) to illustrate how easily our bodies absorb chemicals. With a nice dose of humor, the authors give us the good news about what is in our control, the steps we can take to help our bodies remove our toxic burden, and what we can do to avoid it in the first place. Lourie and Smith investigate the truth behind sustainable cosmetics, organic foods, which detox methods actually work, how we dispose of waste (where do those chemicals go?), and the ins and outs of a greener, safer economy.”

Who wants to join me?

Available on Kindle!

From Mia! (Our Head of Health & Safety)


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