Little Changes

We have picked our latest book club selection, Little Changes by Kristi Marsh. Please RSVP for this event, which will take place on January 12th at 5:30 PM PST/8:30 PM EST.


Little Changes is a succulent swirling lollipop of lessons about the products we smother on our skin, foods we devour, and surroundings in which we immerse ourselves. A gut-wrenching roller coaster of emotions, her adventure involves a Western Grebe, farm stand spinach, a meaty love story, a rock in Wyoming, and some pioneers—which eventually captured national attention.

With a cup of humor, a smidgeon of sarcasm, and a wallop of mainstream motherhood, Little Changes enlightens readers about the simmering, swelling, epic transformation of our generation; becoming self-advocates for their own environmental health.

Diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer at age thirty-six and with three young children at home, Kristi started on a quest to eliminate harmful chemicals from her life and environment. Now a proponent for environmental health, Kristi’s passion is to share her knowledge and journey with others. “So many people are reluctant to make changes in their lives because they think it’s going to be expensive or time consuming. But making little changes over time in the products we smother on our skin, foods we devour, and surroundings we immerse ourselves, doesn’t have to be difficult.” Kristi’s dynamic message empowers her audiences to choose wiser products with kinder, simpler ingredients, giving themselves the gift of the best life possible.

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It’s Going to be Okay.

Woke up to some not so great news. Again. I could honestly go on and on and on about how crappy everything has been lately, but that’s not what this post is about. Nope. Rather, this post is a reminder to myself that everything is going to be okay.

How do I know that? Because I have kids. That’s how.

You may be confused, I get it, but that’s how I know. Everything is going to be okay because I have kids. Allow me to explain.

From the moment I became a mother, even before I met my kids, I knew that there was nothing I wouldn’t do for them. I loved them. I would do anything for them. Absolutely anything.

They are my kids. They are my heart. They are my everything.

I am God’s child. I am His kid. We all are. We are His heart. We are His everything.

So He’s got this. How do I know? Because I’m a parent too.

I don’t always do what my kids want. I don’t always give them what they want. And sometimes my best lessons are the ones that hurt the most. But behind everything, there is love.

There is always love.

Same with Him. Behind everything He does or doesn’t do for us, is love. If I love my children as much as I do, and to be honest, I have the hardest time describing my love for my kids, because it’s not like anything I’ve ever felt before. There is nothing familiar about it. It didn’t take work. It just happened. So if I feel this way and I’m just human and there isn’t anything really special about me, ya know? But if I feel this way, imagine His love and how He feels.

Seriously, take a minute, sit back and think about just how much He loves you.

It breaks my heart when people think they don’t deserve his love. Or when they don’t know that they are loved just the way they are. But it’s true. He loves us no matter what. He loves us even when we don’t love Him. He loves us when we don’t deserve it. He loves us when we make Him angry. He loves us when we break His heart.

The bottom line, we can do anything and He would still love us, no matter what.

He isn’t mean. He doesn’t want to hurt us. Just like Jaxsyn and Adelaide’s mom I don’t want to see them cry or upset, but sometimes, that’s what has to happen, because I love them. Doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me a good parent.

And He’s the ultimate parent. He’s the best parent. Better than our parents who have ‘been there, done that’, He’s with us during the ‘there’s and that’s’. He knows what’s going to happen. Even during our worst decision making times He can fix it. He can make it work. Because He can do anything.

And since He can do anything, well, then, it’s going to be okay.

An Opportunity to Renew

“You know, a lot of companies these days create a product and then tack a social justice or philanthropic mission onto it because it’s the trendy thing to do right now. I think it’s pretty awesome that with your company, the product IS the mission. What you’re selling is itself an opportunity to renew- and hopefully change- something that has been wrong for a lot of years.”

- Client in Chapel Hill, NC


The funny thing about my husband is that when he goes to church with us, when we are able to go as a family, he always has us sitting up close, right smack dab up front, well, technically third row back, but for the girl who has set in the same area since she started going it always throws me, and some of the others in the congregation, for a loop.

I don’t know why I like the back so much, but I do. I feel comfortable there. When my husband takes me up front, I am completely out of my element. I feel exposed.

But yesterday, I needed to be up front. I needed to be as close to Jesus as I could. Because as I sat, exposed, I also found myself convicted. I was sure the whole church could see, but this message, this was another one of God’s many personal conversations with me.

It was like it was just the two of us. Father and daughter.

I quickly realized that it’s not the row that makes me feel exposed, but rather, it’s the conversation I have with God that does.

He knows everything. He knows the things I try and hide from the rest of the world. He knows every thought, word, emotion I have ever felt or said or will feel or say.

Oh man, I’m not a fan of being exposed.

So as we talked, He wasn’t mean, He was patient. I could hear it in His voice. He didn’t want me to be upset, He wanted me to pay attention. I wasn’t doing anything that bad, but I was doing enough.

“We are so quick to seek the things of the kingdom but never the King.”

I froze. Actually, I sank down a little further in my seat. What did he just say??

I thought about it. I replayed the words in my head a few more times, but no matter how I said it, I knew it was true. In my case, it was so true.

Don’t get me wrong, I love God. I really do. But I think that most of the time, and I hate admitting this, this may be the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever admitted, but I think that most of the time I love His blessings more.

I love it when the bills are paid. I love the things He provides. The extra money on my paycheck. The new sweater that I’ve been keeping my eye on. The busy months with Beautycounter. The cup of coffee He provides each morning.

“You don’t want me, you want what I can give you temporarily.”

It hurt to hear Him say these things to me, but He was right. He was so right.

I came to Him most of the time, when I needed something. When I wanted something. When I was desperate. When I had given up on figuring it out on my own. Then I would come to Him. When nothing else worked, I would come to Him.

After the fact.

‘Lord, if you could please just fix this or do that or make this possible.’

In Father/Daughter terms I would be nothing more than a spoiled brat.

That wasn’t what I wanted to be like. God isn’t a magician. He isn’t a long, lost genie who has come to grant me my wishes. He is God. And let’s be honest, He’s given me all that I need when He sent His only son to die for me.

He’s given us all what we need.

And so there I sat, up front, exposed, convicted, and completely happy.

Happy because He was changing my heart right in front of my eyes. I could feel it softening.

Instead of me asking God what He can do for me, Now I want to know what I can do for Him.

Now I want the King more than the things of the kingdom.

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love My Job?!

Today I got to spend the morning sipping on Mimosas and Coffee while sharing a wealth of information with some new ladies and introducing them to Beautycounter.

Oh and did I mention that I got paid too!

There’s still time to join my team and make a little extra money for the holidays.

Let Him Be.

It’s been quiet lately.

I have been working on myself and who I am and what all that means. And it’s been quiet.

Sometimes, I wish there was a loud announcement when it comes to God. Like a ‘matter-of-fact’ moment where you just know.

I think I just had one of those moments.

Lately, I have been all consumed with prayer. Prayer for myself. Prayer for others. Prayers for forgiveness. Prayers to forgive. I’ve been praying all of the time because I know prayer works. I see it work every single day, and so I pray.

I pray for everything.

Somedays, I’m not sure what to pray for though. I sit awkwardly on my knees and I’m just clueless. So then I learned to pray specifically about what to pray for.

Earlier this morning, I prayed a familiar prayer. I asked God to bless my business. To help my paycheck grow so that I could finally live a life where I didn’t waste my time worrying.

Money always seems to be tight. There never seems to be enough.

I have faithfully prayed that same prayer for months. And even as He blesses my business and grows my paycheck, I still spend my time worrying.

So today, as I’m praying, He answered.

I have had this false idea that if my business succeeds, if my sales thrive, if I make X amount of money then I wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

I could finally live a worry-free life.

But then He reminded me that I can do that already. The success of my business doesn’t decide the abundance of my life. He does. Better yet, our relationship does.

I don’t have to worry, I choose to worry. I have put my faith into a dollar amount. I don’t know if you know this, but God is so much bigger than a dollar amount.

With God I could have everything I’ve ever wanted, but I can never make that commitment. While faith can be complex, this is pretty simple. I just have to trust God.

I just have to trust God.

I just have to trust God.

And so there I sat, convicted.

Instead of asking God to bless my business. Instead of asking God for larger paychecks. Instead of asking God for sales. All I needed to do was ask God to help me trust Him in everything. The rest would just fall into place.

Because if I trusted God the way He intended, well then, no amount of money would be enough or not enough. Because anything that God blessed me with would be enough for His plan and His glory and isn’t that what it’s all about anyways?

If God is at the top, above everything else, then wouldn’t anything that trickled down be sufficient enough? Isn’t He enough?

If God is in charge of our lives, if we choose to let Him be in charge of our lives, everything will find it’s place, you and I will find our place, and we will thrive.

And I don’t know about you, but I want to thrive.

Don’t you want to thrive?

He longs for us to forget everything else. He is enough. He is all we need. He does not give us strength, He IS the strength.

And so it doesn’t matter how big the paycheck is. It doesn’t matter how much we sell or how many hours we work. He is enough.

Nothing else matters.

So my prayer for you and for myself is that we let Him be enough. Let Him be whatever it is that we are looking for. Let Him be our wealth. Our love. Our forgiveness. Our strength.

Just remember, nothing else matters.

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