I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve done ‘Friday Favorites’, my apologies. If you know anyone or anything that you think should be featured let me know! Email me, Facebook me, Twitter me? (That last one sounds weird!)

Anyways, today I wanted to share with you something new that I am doing and much deserving of a ‘Friday Favorite’. I thought that I could come on here and just talk about what it is and who it is, but I thought that I should tell you my story. I wanted to share why I made this choice. Why I knew I needed to join this movement.

To be honest with you, it all happened kind of quickly. I had a friend who was very passionate about Beautycounter. She talked about it all the time, but I never really saw myself doing that ‘whole thing’, you know, working from home, trying to be a salesperson, (because I’m not. At all.) I just couldn’t see myself doing this, and trying to make a living off of it. It just wasn’t for me.

I was content already with my busy life. I had my own small business that was really starting to grow and demanded a lot of my time. I had just started working with my church and being in charge of Communications in The Women’s Ministry.  Not to mention my full-time job of being a mother to Jaxsyn and Adelaide. I mean, who was I kidding, I didn’t have the time to devote to something else. And especially something like, selling beauty products.

But then I received a call. I guess I could say now that it was a call that would change my life. I listened to a very nice, very personable lady describe all of her success doing this sort of thing. She had made a lot of money. She was passionate about her career choice. She was pretty inspiring. However, she was not from Beautycounter.

I had thought about what it would mean to sell Beautycounter. At first, I thought about doing it just for myself. Getting a little product for me was worth it. I wouldn’t make this a career, but I would make it a sort of ‘coupon’ way to buy what I wanted.

So then I started doing a little research. Now I know when people think of the word ‘research’ they think of some long, drawn out process, but that wasn’t the case at all. Just a little ‘googling’ and I learned all that I needed to know.

We have been deceived. Companies have broken our trust because of what they put into their products. As a culture, especially recently, we have noticed the trend of worrying about what goes in our food. We have been told over and over that what we eat is just ‘food-like product’, and while that is true, I’m afraid that we have been distracted by this idea that we have neglected to think about what we put on our bodies. 

And so I texted my friend, that night, and told her that I was going to make the commitment. She was thrilled. I ordered my starter kit and I was in, er, business.

I hesitate when I use that word, business. Not because what I do is not a business, but because it’s more than that. This is a movement. This is women standing up for themselves and saying ‘enough is enough’. And that is something that I will always have time for.

For more information or if you have any questions please make sure to follow me on Facebook: Lauren’s Beautycounter and visit my website

Let me help you become a part of the movement. Because we deserve better.


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